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Hospice is a community based non-profit Volunteer Society that provides trained volunteers to offer social, emotional and spiritual support to people living with or dying with an advanced illness and their family.

Services of support are also offered to family members through their grief. There is no cost for Hospice services.

Hospice volunteer services began in the fall of 1985.

Hospice services the 100 Mile District, including Lac La Hache, Bridge Lake and other districts.

We are a proud member of the Canadian and B.C. Hospice Palliative Care Associations. We adhere to the norms and standards of care of the national and provincial organizations.

In partnership with the 100 Mile House Palliative Care team, we are committed to “Helping people with a terminal illness live to the fullest until they die and to help their loved one to be supported in their grief”.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the Governance of the Society. Elections are held once a year at the Annual General Meeting in April. The Board meets on a regular basis and more meetings are scheduled when the need arises.

It is the Mission of the 100 Mile District Hospice Palliative Care Society to provide a volunteer service dedicated to the compassionate care of persons in the community, with life threatening or terminal illness and to their families. This support is based on the philosophy, norms and standards of the BC Palliative Care Association and embraces the concept of compassionate, physical, emotional, spiritual and social care for the whole person.

The purposes of the Society (as per the Constitution) shall be to:

    1. Provide information, education and bereavement support to terminally ill patients and their families;
    2. Maintain a volunteer program, as part of an interdisciplinary team approach, for the visitation of terminally ill patients in their homes, in the hospital or in long-term residential care facilities;
    3. Organize, train and support volunteers in palliative care related activities;
    4. Receive donation, grants and funds and administer the same in consistence with the objectives of the Society;
    5. Work as a partnership in conjunction and in cooperation with governmental agencies and private organization which have interest in common with the Society;
    6. Provide leadership, encourage community awareness and stimulate citizen participation in the study, assessment and improvement of palliative care in the area;
    7. Develop a system of ongoing evaluation of the Society’s function.


    1. Adults in the 100 Mile District who are suffering from life threatening illness and who are referred either by themselves, a family member or a member of the PC team.
    2. Their families, meaning whoever the client views as his/her family.
    3. Any adult member of the community who is in need of resources relating to death and grief.

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